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Hydraulic Mulching Head HD3

The Hydraulic Mulcher HD3 M3 is designed with a strong and reliable structure and can easily fit any type of excavators. It is manufactured in different models, depending on the use and size of the excavator. It is supplied complete with hydraulic motor (piston motor from the MH15 series), anti-cavitation valve, priority shockproof valve, adjustable support slides and drilled flat plate. Drain is recommended for counter-pressures > 5 bar. Rotation speed 2200/2500 rpm.

Technical specifications

MODELMH9 70HD3MH9 90HD3MH9 105HD3MH13 105HD3MH13 130HD3MH15 130HD3MH15 160HD3MH20 130HD3MH20 160HD3
Width (A)85010501250125014501600190017002000
Depth (B)80080080095095080080010001000
Height (C)600600600850850850850900900
Working width [mm]7009001050105013001300160013001600
Weight [kg]340400460685745950105010501185
Oil flow [L/min]40/50/60/80/9050/60/80/9050/60/80/9080/9080/90100/125/160100/125/160100/130/180100/130/180
Pression [bar]200/220200/220200/220200/220200/220200/250200/250200/350200/350
Excavator class [T]5,0 - 12,06,0 - 12,06,0 - 12,010,0 - 16,010,0 - 16,012,0 - 25,016,0 - 25,016,0 - 30,018,0 - 30,0
Rotor standardMHF14MHF14MHF14MHF14MHF14MHF14MHF14MHF14MHF14
Rotor optionalMHF15MHF15MHF15MHF15MHF15MHF15MHF15MHF15MHF15
Motor displacement [cc]22/27/34/44/5127/34/44/5127/34/44/5144/5144/5132/6432/6445/60/8045/60/80
Motor typegearsgearsgearscast iron gears*cast iron gears*piston gearspiston gearspiston gearspiston gears
Hammer sets [n°]182430303636423642
* a richiesta è disponibile anche motori a pistoni 

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