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Twin Door Mixer Bucket

The concrete mixer bucket M3 model TD is equipped with:

  • safety grill with bag splitter
  • BOTTOM and bolted HELIX made of wear resistant steel 450 HBW
  • hydraulic motor fully protected
  • chain tensioner
  • electric valve with hydraulic hoses
  • electric connection kit
  • hydraulic hoses
  • flat face couplings (only for SSL)
  • hydraulic opening of the bottom through a cylinder with covered rod
  • manually-operated side discharge
  • unloading pipe L=1500 mm
  • side chute extension
  • coupling to the machine (standard bolted bracket starting from mod. BM500TD).

By matching the mixing bucket to compact loaders, please consider the following: the operating load of the machine ≥ the full load weight of the mixer bucket.

Technical specifications

MODELBM 150 TDBM 200 TDBM 250 TDBM 330 TDBM 400 TDBM 500 TDBM 600 TDBM 700 TDBM 1100 TD
Width (A)135015601560167017801865201021602280
Depth (B)6606608608608601075107510751305
Height (C)6456458008008001033103310331250
Capacity [L]1502002503304005006007001100
Empty weight [kg]3103354354554807207407901060
Full load weight [kg]6708151035124714401920218024703700
Min/max flow rate [L/min]30/6030/6040/7535/7535/7570/15070/15070/150100/115
Max pression cont/peak [bar]175/225175/225175/225210/300210/300150/310150/310150/310205/330

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