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Broom Sweeper

The broom sweeper M3 is suitable for the cleaning of large yards, industrial and market areas, and for the scrap collection. It can be fitted to any type of forklift or machinery. It is wear-resistant and completely recyclable. It is equipped with interchangeable welded iron strips (series I) or interchangeable strips in PPN (series IP), or in a reinforced version with thickness 8 mm with iron strips (IR series) with lifting forks.

Technical specifications

MODELSI 150 ISI 151 ISI 150 IPSI 151 IPSI 200 ISI 201 ISI 200 IPSI 201 IPSI 250 ISI 251 ISI 250 IPSI 251 IPSI 300 ISI 300 IPSI 201 IRSI 251 IR
Width (A)1400140014001400190019001900190024002400240024002900290019002400
Depth (B)50070050070070010007001000700100070010001000100010001000
Height (C)400400400400400400400400400400400400400400400400
Working width [mm]1400140014001400190019001900190024002400240024002900290019002400
Sectors [n°]12151215202420242530253036362430
Weight [kg]230250200220250270230250340360300330430400450575

M3 MetalMeccanicaModerna s.r.l. is a company with high-level experience in both building industry and earthmoving machinery. All M3 products can be attached to any type of construction machine.


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